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About Centre Brain

When you communicate, how clear are you on what prompts response in their brain?

Centre Brain emerged in 1989 after Steve Adams had an experience in Belgium. It involved knocking on 600 doors a week, repeating French phrases he didn’t understand – and allowing the brain to do the translation. Within 6 weeks he was thinking in French.

Steve clocked that something in this unique approach to language acquisition was prompting, and harnessing, the normally subconscious Limbic brain – what we call the Centre Brain.

In July 2017, Steve’s book, The Centre Brain: 5 Prompts to Persuasion – is published. It outlines how the action brain is triggered.

Steve works with a range of people, organisations and charities helping them apply the prompts and principles to their communications, brand and story.

He uses a system known as ‘Firebrand’, developed to enable teams, organisations and individuals to easily use the persuasion prompts of the Centre Brain.


 Christians against poverty

Steve’s insights into how our brain processes information which causes us to act, is vital reading.

Matt Barlow CEO CAP (Christians Against Poverty)
 Lloyds Bank

Steve brings an applied understanding of brand and creativity, an ability to inspire, and commitment to unearthing gold.

Julia Ogilvy Businesswoman

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