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Unearthing & applying brand

A Brand ‘MOT’ using the Centre-Brain principles to assess how the brand potential is being deployed through your organisation’s current communications approach and strategy. With recommendations.

A full re-brand process, which includes:

  • Brand Essence: Who are we? Unearthing your organisation’s Brand Essence to answer this using the Centre Brain prompts to action.
  • Brand Positioning: What then do we do? Using the Brand Essence to identify your organisation’s Brand Positioning (from all you do, which part will ‘position you’ to best advantage as your USP?)
  • Brand Visualisation: What then do we look like? Using the Centre Brain principles to bring your Brand to life visually (output: a Brand Style Guide)
  • Brand Communication strategy: Using the Centre Brain principles to bring your Essence and Positioning to life in how you communicate your brand (output: a Brand Communictions Guide and Applied Content Strategy guide).

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