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Centre Brain for Communicators: an Introduction

A half-day course for communicators

Whether it’s Direct-Mail, public speaking, blogs, interviews or one-to-ones with your manager, or life-partner, the same part of the brain needs to be awoken and prompted, and so, the same principles apply.

  • Learn about the brain’s conclusion region and its action region, and the different languages they respond to
  • Understand the bilingual nature of your brain and the brains of those you communicate to – and how speaking to the wrong region blunts communication
  • Learn the 5 triggers that prompt the brain to action
  • Understand persuasion and how to communicate in a way which speaks to the persuasive region of the brain
  • See real-life examples of the Centre Brian prompts – and the response generated
  • Explore and apply the 5 prompts to an area of communication you are struggling with

The course includes a system known as ‘Firebrand’, developed to enable teams, organisations and individuals to easily use and apply the persuasion prompts of the Centre Brain to communication challenges they face.

Individuals can register interest in the next ‘Centre Brain for Communicators’ course by emailing:

Companies, Charities, Churches or Groups can book Steve Adams for the course by emailing: If preferred different length sessions are available:

1.5 hour: covering the principles and 5 prompts to action for the brain, without application to your organization, or the Firebrand system.

1 day: identical to the half day course, but with a more in-depth look at your organisation’s communications through the lens of each of the Centre Brain prompts to action. With recommendations for how they could be outworked in your organization.

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