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Platform & public Communication masterclass

Steve Adams is an experienced public speaker. A conference speaker with wide experience addressing Boards, CEO’s, Executive teams, Integrated Communications Teams and Groups of Marketing and Fundraising Directors. He has spoken at seminars in Europe and for organisations around the UK, using the Centre Brain prompts to deliver strong response from audiences of up to 25,000 people. He has coached both well-known and unknown communicators in speaking to camera and been a keynote speaker for a global organization.

This course gets into nuts and bolts on what it is that makes any public communication effective in prompting a response. Whether selling a strategy to a Board, persuading a team about a new strategy or speaking to the Press.

Centre Brain insights underpin this course, and reveal that the more nervous one becomes when they stand to speak, the more they will revert away from the prompts which will make their communication engaging persuasive. The course gets under the skin of powerful public and platform communication, offering insights, examples and practical coaching.

Built on an understanding of what it is in the brain that makes any public communication effective, the course avoids techniques on how to structure what is said, instead empowering delegates by outlining the brain’s response-prompts, and guiding them in fitting these to their own style and approach.

Participants are taught a system enabling them to apply what they learn in any future platform situation, where they need to persuade. Known as ‘Firebrand’, this system enables anyone faced with public communication to use and apply the persuasion prompts which will ensure what they say is powerful and persuasive.

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