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The persuasiveness course

Two million cars are sat, right now, idling at red-lights. This course tackles a common problem, head on: when your persuasive-attempts prompt a red light, what do you do? Idle and wait, hoping a green light follows? Rev up? Shout louder – sound your horn?

The course explains clearly what’ll prompt green, using examples and interaction. Participants are invited to bring at least one situation they’re facing a red light in and  are coached in how to apply the 5 persuasion prompts to this.

The course is engaging and interactive and will enable participants to reframe how they approach persuading – in any context.

Participants are taught a system enabling them to apply what they learn in any future situation where they need to persuade. Known as ‘Firebrand’, this system enable teams, organisations and individuals to easily use and apply the persuasion prompts of the Centre Brain to communication challenges they face.

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